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Auto Recording........


"Auto Recording Unit.........."

Automatic Recording Kit

The ARU is designed to work in conjunction with various sensor devices such as: PIR detectors, Pressure mats and door/window contacts.

The ARU responds to any normally open contact momentarily going closed and will immediately emit an infra-red record pulse activating a VCR to record.

The ARU will keep the VCR recording for 30 or 60 seconds after an initial trigger, if however the ARU is re triggered during this period the VCR will continue to record and the timer will re-start.

Requires a 12V Regulated Power Supply.

Activates VCR to start recording instantly
Will instruct VCR to record for 30 or 60 seconds after last trigger activation.
Triggered by any N.O. or N.C. relay contact.
Self contained unit Controlled using I.C. technology.
Communicates with VCR via invisible infra-red signal.
Saves time spent locating a particular occurrence or
event on the video cassette tape.
Minimises excess VCR usage by not recording continuously.
Very easy to set up and works with most VCR's.
30 or 60 second record time
LED mode indicator
Built-in Bleeper sounds on alarm trigger
Bleeper Volume control
Trigger via Normally Open or Normally Closed Contact.
Front panel buttons also allow control of VCR


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