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GeoVision Multi-Camera Digital Surveillance System's
  • Camera Management
    • Individually configure for each camera
    • Zoom in/Zoom out function of individual camera
    • Scqucntial scan and zoom of each camera
  • Motion-Detection and Recording
    • Each camera apply Motion-Detection technology or
    • round the clock recording
    • Dynamic mask
    • Sensitivity level
    • Audio recording
    • Support sophisticated schedulc monitoring
    • Record quality adjustable
  • Storage of Video Data
    • Video data is logged with year/date/time
    • Playback with several speed support and Zoom in/Zoom out
    • HD
    • Recyclable
    • Back up function
    • Multiple record location
    • Single frame/event print with date/time and save as cvidence
    • Single
    • frame image process
  • Communication
    • An unlimited number of Geo Vision Multicam server and client PCs
    • can be installed in the LAN/WAN
    • Remote monitoring via Modem, TCP/IP, IPX
    • Send message to pager or pre-recorded WAV file to telephone
    • A PC can run many times of Geo Vision's remote view AP, each can connect to different location of Geo Vision Multicam server in LAN/WAN
    • Built-in HTTP server, remote monitoring with web browser(MS IE, Netscape Navigator)
    • Remote recording
    • Remote site can support
    • Zoom in/Zoom out

For More Information Click Here
(Contains a "Zip File" with
Specifications in Word Document)

Sample Video Files from Front of House
Colour (Camera Used "GCA420")
B/W (Camera Used "GA420)




cctv equipment cctv systems cctv housing cctv recorders cctv cameras

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