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32CL Colour Body Camera
with Inbuilt Web Server and Network Interface

Lens NOT Included(Lens Extra)

Dual purpose: The LAN Camera can simultaneously export both traditional analogs and digital images.

The LAN CAMERA is a state-of-the-art equipment of technological sophistication in its field. It combines multiple digital technical capabilities with the internal network functions of the network video camera. The user can immediately connect with a standard network, and the device can transmit the digital images to a remote browser.

The LAN CAMERA is unlike any Web CAMERA, which connects the USB port or communication port with a personal computer. Since the various types of the Web CAMERA must initially be connected and installed with a personal computer, the Web CAMERA is limited regarding some practical applications. Surveillance by remote control is a principal function of the LAN CAMERA, and this surveillance can be maintained by digital network recording and direct Internet seeding. By using the LAN CAMERA you can increase your surveillance capabilities and help yourself monitor your store, your house, factory, school, public space, and so forth. You can set up different size frames and image quality categories in accordance with your requirements. Different settings have different picture qualities and compression ratios to be regulated according to user needs. Connectible network-attached storages (NAS) are used as digital-mode storages without the problems of consolidating and supporting different Networks (Windows 95/98/NT/2000, Macintosh, Novell and Unix).

Digital images are more convenient than analogs for search and delivery functions, and enable you to access the latest status instantly. The user can moreover use multiple modes of accessing images, such as schedule, time, and alarm. The LAN CAMERA is a user-friendly product whose simplified installation and setup procedures make it easy to apply and handle. Additionally it provides all-weather automation-monitored control. Installation will automatically start up the LAN CAMERA, which further supports by default without disrupting the existing network clients. The user need only start up a browser such as the Microsoft Internet Explorer, and proceed with the connections.

cctv An inbuilt Web Server and Network Interface. The LAN CAMERA is effective in assuring the   
  safety of an independent digital camera.
cctv Dual purpose: the LAN CAMERA can simultaneously export both the traditional analogs and
  the digital images.
cctv Motion detection: You can select the range and sensitivity of the detection.
cctv The user can utilize the support Java browser and directly view the general appearance
  of a picture, and can also set the browser.
cctv 1/ 3 inch interlaced CCD (charge - coupled device).
cctv 380000 pixels. 752x582(PAL)
cctv 480 TV lines.
cctv C / CS Mount Adjustable.
cctv Automatic white balance programmable (AWB):Automatic gain control (AGC)
  :Backlight Compensation (BLC):Electronic shutter speeds :( PAL:1/60-1/10000sec) .
cctv Image compression:MJPEG.
cctv There are 5 levels of image quality the user can select from:Lowest,
  Low, Medium, High, and Highest.
cctv There are 4 different Resolution rates the user can choose from:
  PAL :352x288:720x576(Frame):720x288:720x576(Field)
cctv The user can regulate the categories of Brightness, Contrast,
  Saturation, Hue, and Camera Title
cctv A pair of RJ-45 Fast Ethernet 10 / 100 Base-TX port. The LAN CAMERA connects an Ethernet
  cable to the network cable connector located on the Internet Camera’s rear panel and
  attaches it to the network.
cctv Protocol for remote control.
cctv Alarm sensor Input/Output Terminals.
cctv Digital mode saves images via E-mail and FTP.
cctv The RECORD–SCHEDULE provides seven periods of time and the LAN CAMERA starts and
  stops recording according to the programmed schedule.
cctv The device will record as long as the alarm input is activated, and allow users to set the
  alarm for certain duration.
cctv The LAN CAMERA permits users to set the date and time.
cctv The LAN CAMERA enables users to set the administrative status account and password.
cctv There are 3 levels of users’ accounts:Admin, Operator, Viewer. The total number of users’
  account included under these 3 levels is ten.
cctv Time-Lapse and Real-Time recording are featured options.
cctv The device is capable of working with various known multiplexers and quad processors.
cctv RS-232 / RS-485 communication port.
cctv Distribution of live and recorded images through the TCP/IP network environment.
cctv Watchdog:In the event of any malfunction, the Watchdog immediately alerts the LAN CAMERA,
  which will restart operation automatically.
cctv The LAN CAMERA can automatically check the time with the SNTP via the Internet.
cctv The device has a microphone installed in its front panel which records sound.
cctv Built-in CF card slot for copying image to CF card.
cctv Update with CF card.
Image Pick-up Device
1/3" CCD Image Sensor
Picture Elements
753(H) x 582(V)
Recording rate
(Transmission Rate)
Up to 25 frame/sec @ 352 x 288
Up to 15 frames/sec @ 720 x 576
TV System
Horizontal Resolution
480 TV Lines
Electronic Shutter
1/50 - 1/100,00 Sec.
Auto Iris
Min. Illumination
1.0 Lux F=1.6
Video Output
1.0 V p-p 75 Ohms
Audio Output
16 bits, 8 KHz
Lens Mount
CS Mount
Picture Size
4 ~ 64 KB
Video fine tune
Brightness, HUE, Saturation, Backlight, Sharpness
Comm. Port
RS-232 / RS-485
Motion detection
Advanced MD (zone, postion, sens)
Digital Signature
Network Interface
CF Socket
Compact Flash card as storge (optional)
Alarm I/O
Event triggered remote image storge via E-mail and FTP
Secure password/username
Power Source
DC 12V/230V AC
Current Consumption
70(H) x 57(W) x 135(D)mm

Download Manual (8.7MB)

32CL Colour Body Camera
with Inbuilt Web Server and Network Interface
(Lens Extra) £250.00
"Special Offer £189.95"


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