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"Guardian ADR System"
Automatic Outdoor 2-Camera recording System


....... If you want a cost-effective & easy-to-operate camera system that works with ordinary VCR at home or office, if they worry about using a normal home VCR because continuous video can be recorded on a tape for a few hours only, then ADR2 is a very smart 2-camera solution for all these problems- at home, office, reception, shop, works and warehouse.

automatic recording camera systems
automatic recording camera systems
System Features
Uniquely designed for home & light commercial applications
2-channel surveillance system of a simple & versatile operation
Easy 'do-it-yourself' installation & simple operation
High resolution B/W/Colour CCD camera with built-in IR, PIR sensor & audio
Eliminates the need to play and watch uneventful videotapes for hours
Camera activation starts upon detection of movement of intruders/callers
Effective range of PIR sensor is 90 degree x 15m at 2.2m mounting height, and 8m at 6m
  mounting height. For longer range see "ARS" a seperate PIR and outside camera system
IR illuminations for ultra clear image in low light conditions
Weatherproof camera suitable for both internal & external uses
Switching facility, with dwell time adjustable between 1-60 seconds
Four Operation Modes
AUTO SCAN: Automatic sequential switching of cameras
MANUAL: Personal selection of camera picture
DWELL: Control camera switching time (between 1-60 seconds)
BUZZER : Audible warning of activity occurrence
Camera Specifications
Pick-up device: 1/3' CCD (CCIR)
Resolution: 380 TV lines, Colour 330 TV Lines
Minimum light illumination: B/W 0.1 lux will see in darkness up to 3m
Iris: auto iris controlled by electronic system
3.5mm Lens: Gives B/W 92 degree, Colour 78 degree view of angle
Video output level: 1Vp-p 75 ohm.... will plug directly in the Video input "AU" of your VCR
Dimensions (including bracket): 60mm x 62mm x 132mm (W x D x H)
Standard Kit Contains:-
Camera control unit/ 2 x Camera's /15M Camera Cable/Phono (or Scart) Lead Kit
  Power Supply/Cable Clips and Fixings/Instructions

Guardian two camera adr system

Two B/W Camera System
400 TV Lines, 0.1 Lux
"Christmas Special Offer Price"

Two Colour Camera System
330 TV Lines, 3.0 Lux
"Christmas Special Offer Price"

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cctv, cctv, cctv, cctv, cctv camera, cctvsystem, cctv equipment

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