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NetGator 50/4
Standalone MPEG 1,2 JPEG Steaming Server
Send Video Over Local Area Network or Internet Without a PC to Operate.......... cctv video steaming server
System Requirements
cctv video steaming server

A small box as it appears; NetGator 50/2 consolidates the latest achievements in video compression, network communication and web technologies together in one unbeatable standalone package. NetGator does not require a PC to operate - just a connection to a camera and Ethernet network. Its internal RISC CPU is running a real time Unix-like operating system yo provide NetGator with capabilities of a full-featured multimedia contents streaming server. With up to 2 Camera inputs the NetGator is geared towards video surveillance and security applications. By adding terminal block inputs for various alarm sensors the NetGator can instigate MPEG video transmission or send email alerts to the user with attached JPEG picture.

NetGator uses the TCP/IP protocol to communicate with other computers over a network and can be configured either to use a static IP address or to obtain an IP address automatically from DHCP server (if available). The onboard memory storage and Web Server software allow NetGator to store a compact web browsers. The contents of the web site can easily customized by the end user and uploaded to the NetGator using TFTP protocol.

JPEG Single Channel Viewer NetGator 50/2 Key Features :

cctv video steaming server

  • 1 Small size, standalone operation (TCP/IP, Encoders built in)
  • Real Time, full motion MPEG video compression QSIF or SIF
  • Web-based interface with easy intuitive operation
  • Remote access and administration
  • User selectable UI and easily modified using HTML editor
JPEG 4 Channel Client  

cctv video steaming server

  • MPEG/JPEG images run inside browser
  • Variable resolution and viewing rates selections for MPEG/JPEG
  • UniCast - MultiCast capabilities for MPEG
  • Low latency display of .5 second at 30 FPS
  • PTZ controls for cameras through RS232 port
  • I/O connectivity for Alarms
  • Records MPEG/JPEG to client PC locally
  • Records to FTP server
  • Scheduler for start and stop at preset times
  • Email sending of JPEG's

cctv video steaming server

System Requipments
Client System Requirements:
  • Intel Pentium MMX 233 MHz CPU or better (Celeron or Pentium III are recommended)
  • 32 MB or more RAM ( 64 MB or more is recommend)
  • Display adapter configured for 32768 or more colors at 800x600 or higher resolution
  • Microsoft Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP operating systems
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or later or Netscape Communicator 4,7 or later
Full Features:
  • Small size, standalone unit that can be installed anywhere within the reach of a network line
  • Supports real-time, full-motion MPEG1 video compression at QSIF or SIF resolutions
  • 2 Composite selectable by software
  • Web-based user interface allowing for easy and initiative use and administration
  • Appearance of user interface can be modified by any HTML editing software
  • MPEG video is shown right inside the client's web-browser window
  • Low, medium and high resolution JPEG images that can be viewed at selectable rate (maximum 15fps at SIF resolution)
  • Point-topoint or multicast transmission of live MPEG1 video
  • Capability to serve several point-to-point and multicast MPEG1 viewing clients (with up to 7Mbps of total bandwidth)
  • Supports MPEG1 video at reduced frame rates to conserve network bandwidth
  • Low-latency video display (no more than 0.5 sec at 30fps)
  • On-screen real-time PTZ control for cameras connected via RS-232 serial port
  • Capability to store JPEG images or MPEG video files to an external FTP server
  • Two universal alarm inputs which can start MPEG video streaming or send a JPEG picture
  • Standard Telnet and SNMP procols for effortless remote management over the Internet
  • Sophisticated scheduler enables users to start and stop video programs at preset time
  • Built-in SMTP service that can automatically send you e-mail with attached JPEG pictures
Video Standards
  NTSC or PAL (auto-detect)
Video Resolutions
  NTSC : 704x480 (Full), 352x240 (CIF), 320x240, 176x112 (QCIF)
    PAL : 704x575 (Full), 352x288 (CIF), 176x144 (QCIF)
Frame rates
  Selectable, up to 30 FPS (NTSC MPEG) or 10 FPS (JPEG)
Still ImageCompression
  JPEG: from 176 x 112 to 704 x 480 or 704 x 576 up to 10 fps max
Communication Interfaces
  10 Base T Ethernet network and RS232 serial port
Network Protocols
Supported Web Browsers
  Internet Explorer 5.0 or later
    Netscape Navigator 4,7 or later
Max. utilized bandwidth
  7 Mbps (on 10 Mbps network) or 18 Mbps (on 100 Mbps network)
Max. client connections
) 20 (JPEG), 5 (MPEG unicast) or unlimited (MPEG multicast)
Power Requirement
  DC 5V1A (External 230V AC power adapter is provided)
  185 x 40 x 80mm


NetGator 50/2 £359.00
Price Excludes Carraige and UK VAT

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020 7258 1831
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