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GeoVision Digital Video Surveillance System

latest software version 6.0, expected to be released in In the New Year.
The new features include:

More Search Options in ViewLog - by Event, Motion List, Object,
Human Face, and by Thumbnail Browsing Compare to previous version where events can only be searched by date and time, the
new ViewLog now adds search by event list, motion list, object, human
face, or thumbnail browsing.

Object Counter
The new application counts number of objects (for example, people,
vehicles) passing through a pre-defined area.

Screen Pop-up by Motion View screen will pop-up into foreground whenever
motion is detected.

Main Screen View with Live Audio
Compare to previous version where audio can only be listen in playback
applications, users now may listen to live audio while monitoring, through DirectSound.

Displays the monitoring area on an electronic map to easily locate
cameras, sensors and alarms within the facility floor plan.

Object Tracking by PTZ camera
Supports PTZ cameras to locate, lock-on, zoom-in, track movement of
targeted objects.

Video Files be Deleted Only After The Set Number of Days Compare to
previous version where video files are recycled in first-in-first-out
bases, the new version could keep the files in storage for a set number of days. Users may specify to recycle at 1 to 999 days.

WebCam in a Blankly New Look
The newly design interface provides possibility for multi view screens.
The WebCam application is greatly enhanced to provide more useful
information for MIS.

Own Remote Applications - Even When They are With Dynamic IP Just register through GV-DNS server. You get a hostname for your dynamic IP - for your remote applications.

Twin DVR
The application is designed to distribute workloads across separate
computers through the twin servers, allowing more users to connect to your
WebCam applications without uptake CPU



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