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Choosing a CCTV Camera System


Single CCTV Cameras:- Choose between Outside, Inside and Covert Cameras.
Outside CCTV Cameras:-
With a Choice of Colour Body Cameras giving a very visible deterrent and excellent picture quality over a larger area than the other cameras. But require Lens and Housing.
Complete in weatherproof housing + Wall Bracket are also suitable for inside use. With a Choice of Bullet Cameras which are very small and discreet, IR Cameras giving excellent picture quality with Night Vision IR LED's up to 30 metre range.
Inside CCTV Cameras:-
With a Choice of Colour Body Cameras giving a very visible deterrent and excellent picture quality over a larger area than the other cameras. Dome Cameras ceilings mounted and discreet. Mini Cameras, comes with wall mounting bracket, very small but still with excellent picture quality.
Covert CCTV Cameras:-

Cameras built into PIR detectors, available on their own, or as a system with a auto recording unit to activate a domestic video recorder, ideal for catching a petty thief..........

Connecting Camera to VCR/Monitor/TV:-
We have a Kit Option, This comes with a 16 Metre Cable with Plugs both Ends,12V DC Power Supply and Phono to Scart Adaptor. Also we have Phono to BNC Adapter.To see our Range of Power Supplies, Cables and Adapters.


If you intend to have more that one Camera in your system, then a control device is required...........

Switchers:- Switchers do exactly what there name implies. They switch from one camera to another.

Quad Units:- Often it is necessary to view/record more than one camera, but the time delay of a switcher switching between cameras is undesirable. A quad unit shows all four camera pictures on a TV/Monitor, all the same time and if a video recorder is connected to the system, will record and playback the pictures.

Multiplexers:- Does a similar job as a Quad unit, But once the camera pictures are recorded on to a video tape, the video can be played back and each individually camera shown in full screen mode.

DVR'S (Digital Video Recorders):- Does the Job of a Multiplexer and Video Recorder, But no Tapes!

DVR Card and Software:-
Displays the camera pictures onto a PC Monitor and records the pictures onto the Hard drive, with optional motion sensing, i.e. only records when there is someone there. Also remote viewing and playback, via a Network, Internet or Dial up.

Auto Recording more than one CCTV Camera:-

For Motion Sensing more than one Camera, We would recommend a DVR with motion detection or GeoVision DVR Card and Software:- Comes with motion detection on all camera inputs (no PIR's are required).


We have a Range of CCTV Monitors. Also our Cameras will plug into the SCART Input (Aux) of a normal TV, or use a separate Monitor. If you want to connect to the TV Aerial System, A RF Modulator is required and if more than one camera is required, addition RF Modulators may be used (Set to different TV Channels).
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