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GeoVision Digital Video Surveillance System


Software Updates Version History
Released date: 15/12/2004
New features to Main System, including:
Support for Pelco Protocol-D
Support for Pelco Protocol-D ( DRX502 )
Support for the Pelco OSD menu
New features to SMS, including:
Message filter function
Auto-saving the PIN number
Display of client login/logout status
New features to Dispatch Server, including:
Display of Subscriber Information by right clicking the subscriber in tree view
Display of Camera/Audio Control Panel by right clicking the online subscriber
in tree view
Option for changing to another Dispatch Server when the serving server
breaks down
New features to CenterV2, including:
Additional 6 screen divisions for single monitor and 9 screen divisions
  for dual monitors
Auto re-connecting with Dispatch Server
New features to VSM, including:
Sends E-mail alert
Allows VSM to inquire the storage information from subscribers
Reports subscribers' free storage space to VSM
Green recorded images when codec default was "Wavelet"or "Mpeg4",
  and you changed it to "GeoMpeg4" in Advanced Video Attributes.
Distorted single view when using onboard VGA card (Intel 915G or 865G),
  enabling deinterlace and setting resolution to 640 x 480 simultaneously.
(The bug can be fixed if replacing the onboard VGA card
with an extra VGA card.)
Higher CPU usage when QuickSearch played back the POS recorded files
  consisting of date changes (i.e. recording started at p.m. and ended at a.m.)
Higher CPU usage when video lost on the POS mapped camera
  or users disabled it manually.
Error message "Can't find Avi file" would appear and lead to ViewLog crash
  when you located the damaged .avi and .db files in Object Search.
Overloaded system log due to the trigger of missing and unattended object
  events every second.
Date format in saved .avi files would not follow OS date format.
Error message "Not responding" would appear when Repair Database Utility
  was running and you switched to other programs/windows.
Error message "RemotePlayback Error", which is a codec error,
  would appear when playing video in Remote Playback Client Site.
Connection problem with WebCam that was unable to release
  offline channels at times.
Error message "DMWebcam Error", which is a codec error, would appear
  when playing video in WebCam.
Improper display for video lost screens
New driver V1.0.7.2 to fix GV-1000 cards' green screen problem
Better saturation and color accuracy for DSP cards 
Released date: 07/10/2004
New features to Main System, including:
Unattended and missing object detection: Highlights the locations
  and sends out alerts
Windows Lockup: Launches GV-desktop to lock up Windows
SMS alerts available
Alarm on objects passing between predefined regions
Object tracking and zooming by PTZ dome
E-Map: Highlights the triggered cameras and I/O devices on an electronic map
Image size indicator: Displays the file size after quality and image adjustment
Enlarged PTZ and I/O device panels with touch screen support
Deactivate alerts when the selected input is active
Option for recycling the input-triggered events
New features to ViewLog, including:
Object index for a quick search
Backlight compensation
Export a video footage within a specified time range
New features to remote applications, including:
Support 640 x 480 S/W resolution on WebCam
Record live video on WebCam Multiview
Multiple host connections on WebCam Multiview: Supports multiple cameras
  from separate hosts
SMS alerts available on Center V2 and Vital Sign Monitor
New features to POS, including:
POS Field Filter: Filters and displays transaction data under the created fields
  in System Log
Loss Prevention: Activates the alarm when the defined price range occurs
Cash drawer input setting: Activates the alarm when the cash drawer is open
New applications, including:
Vital Sign Monitor (VSM): Monitors unusual status of multiple surveillance sites
POS Data Sender: Supports graphic-mode POS systems
New accessories, including:
IR Remote Control: Controls Main System, PTZ and ViewLog
GV-IO 12-In Card and GV-IO 12-Out Card: Extend the GV-NET/IO Card to
  a total of 16 inputs/outputs
Image breakup when applying both 640 x 480 S/W resolution and GeoMPEG-4
  in remote playback applications
Repeating download of WebCam Mulitview when different versions are connected
Audio malfunction in Center V2
Error message "GeoCodec Error Message" that would appear when you connected to
  WebCam Server for a long time
A bug with GV-DSP card. In previous versions when video lost, the transaction data
  still kept on displaying on screen. Now when video loses, the data will also disappear
on screen
Default Codec set to GeoMPEG-4
Default DirectDraw Overlay set to ON
New driver V2, 2, 3, 5 for GV-250 / 600 / 650 / 750 / 800 / 900 cards
New driver V1, 0, 6, 8 for GV-1000 cards
Synchronized audio and video in Main System, ViewLog, WebCam and Center V2
Main System supports up to 1000 accounts for logins and passwords
Center V2 Pro supports up to 50 subscribers and 800 channels
Dispatch Sever supports up to 25000 subscribers
Enhanced pre-record performance up to 90 fps, compared to the previous version with 60 fps
Extended length of exported AVI files up to 1 hr, compared to the previous version
  with 10 min
New compression technology allows exporting of much smaller size images than earlier,
  thus conserving your disk space
Released date: 29/04/2004
  • New driver for GV-1000 V1.21 card
Released date: 18/03/2004
  • New settings for Point of Sale (POS)

Released date: 16/02/2004
  • New driver for GV-600V3/650V3/800V3/900 cards

Released date: 14/01/2004
  • Directing PTZ dome to the preset position on alarm activation
  • Screen pop-up on motion or alarm activation
  • Main screen view with live audio
  • Object counting
  • Day-night recording mode
  • Object search
  • Thumbnail search
  • Index search
  • System log
  • Twin DVR
  • Dynamic DNS support
  • Remote access log database over WebCam
  • Samsung SCC-641/643 PTZ dome support
  • GV-NET/IO card support
  • Managing multiple servers over WebCam
  • Newly developed video codec by GeoVision (GeoMPEG4)
  • Point of Sale (POS) integration
  • Central surveillance by Center V2
  • I/O devices triggers monitoring
  • Video lost triggers I/O devices
  • Video recycling duration from 1 day to 999 days
  • New ViewLog with improved and more features
  • New driver for GV-1000 V1.11 card

Released date: 02/09/2003
  • Video de-interlace filter
  • Video auto gain controller (AGC)
  • Mini View Display
  • Screen minimizing protected by passwords
  • AVI repaire API function
  • Video scaling render
  • Quad view for ViewLog
  • GV-1000 video capture card (480 FPS recording)
  • GV-900 video capture card (240 FPS recording)
  • GV-250 with GV-DSP support and one channel audio recording
  • GV-DSP 8 (240 FPS real-time display)
  • GV-A16 16 channels audio recording card

Released date: 28/07/2003
  • Hyper threading support
Released date: 07/07/2003
  • New driver for GV-DSP real-time display card
Released date: 23/05/2003
  • Pre-alarm and pre-motion recording
  • Passwords uninstall function
  • ViewLog remote playback
  • Samsung and Sensormatic PTZ dome support
  • I/O NO/NC toggle modes
  • I/O device triggered e-mail snapshot
  • WebCam two-way audio
  • Bandwidth control for Remote PlayBack and WebCam remote playback
Released date: 26/03/2003
  • 1024 x 768 display resolution
  • Post alarm recording duration increased from 120 seconds to 600 seconds
  • WebCam real-time audio streaming
Released date: 13/01/2003
  • Full screen display
  • Auto skip null camera when running camera scan
  • Post recording: 1-to-10-second recording after detected motion
  • Video lost alert notification via either telephone or email
  • I/O error alert notification via either telephone or email
  • On screen video lost message
  • 640 x 240 and 640 x 480SW resolution.
  • Multiple network card support
  • Automatic Window exit and restart
  • User adjustable event log size
  • Multi-level passwords
  • Added auto hide PTZ and I/O control panel
  • Added modem disconnect delay after e-mail or telephone alert (motion detection)
  • Synchronize video and audio history data
  • Auto log-in
  • Popup PTZ and I/O control panel for WebCam.
  • View M-JPEG videos in Mac OS Internet Explorer
  • New WebCam User Interface
  • New Remote PlayBack User Interface
  • Audio playback and download function in Remote PlayBack
  • Auto gateway IP address detection
  • PTZ support: Sony EVI-D100, Panasonic WV-CS850, Kalatel Dome, and Mintron 22X zoom
  • Remote view via Microsoft Pocket PC (G-View)
  • Remote view via i-Mode mobile phone
Released Date: 12/07/2002
  • Real-time display card (GV-DSP), allowing GV system to display video in real-time at 30fps (NTSC) and 25fps (PAL) per channel through one composite video output for connecting an external display monitor
  • Audio recording
  • Simultaneous audio and video playing back
  • Remote playback through TCP/IP
  • Remote playback through Microsoft(c) Internet Explorer browser
  • E-mail notifications when I/O device or video motion detector is triggered
  • E-mail notifications when I/O device or video motion detector is triggered
  • Auto detect dynamic IP (DMIP)
  • Dual display support
  • User defined frame rates
  • PTZ control interface (WebCam)
  • I/O status and server information (WebCam)
  • DVD+RW backup support

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