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DVR Remote Viewing Over Local Network (LAN)
Procedure for most DVR'S

1) Connect DVR to router using CAT5 patch (straight thru) lead.
2) In internet explorer's address bar, type in the DVR'S factory default IP address
  e.g. ""
If the DVR'S webpage loads up, then its working. Please install the supplied remote viewing software as well.

  Can't Connect To Webpage
1) The DVR needs to be configured to join your LAN (via its on-screen manu).
  You will need to have your router/gateway IP address to hand. In windows run "ipconfig" command to find the IP address
(See See "Remote Viewing Guide, Below").
2) Enter the new network details into the DVR with the following as an example
  DVR IP Address. . . . . . . . . . .
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :
3) In internet explorer, type the following into the address bar :
  It should now work. If its not working, then check cabling and check network security setting in internet explorer (See "Remote Viewing Guide, Below").
  DVR Remote Viewing Over The Internet
1) First make sure remote viewing over LAN works (See Above). Only then that
  viewing over internet is attempted.
2) The DVR'S IP Address cannot be accessed through the internet as it is a
  "Private Number" to the LAN that its connected to. I.E. will not work if you are in another broadband location (try this out of curiosity). Only the public IP address of the router is visible on the internet.
3) Configure your router to recognise the DVR as an application that requires
  port forwarding (See "Remote Viewing Guide, Below").
4) Once port forwarding setting are applied, type the Public IP address in the
  address bar of internet explorer, I.E. "". It should now connect and the webpage of the DVR will load.
If its not working then the Port is not opened or your ISP (Internet service provider) is blocking the Port (You should now try a different port number). If you choose another port number, also tell the DVR to use that port as well.
  Changing Internet Explorer Security Setting for
Remote Viewing.
  IE default setting may not allow DVR plugin to run.
Then reduce the security setting:-
1) Tools - Internet Options (Menu), Security (TAB), Custom Level (Button).
  Active X control & Plugin "Enable"
Download signed activeX control ="Prompt"
Download unsigned activeX control ="Prompt"
2) Also check other activeX related items are set to "Prompt"
3) Once installed and remote viewing is working, go back to security setting and
  click on Default Level (Button).

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  "Remote Viewing Guide"
  For local viewing your DVR on your network
  To find your LOCAL (as in within your network) IP address. In windows, you would simply issue the following command from the command prompt (Start > Run > type in "cmd") On Command Prompt Type in "ipconfig" which will look something similar to the following results:
Windows IP Configuration
Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:
IP Address. . . . . . . . . . . . : "Computer IP Address"
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . :
Default Gateway . . . . . . . : "Router IP Address"
  The default IP Address of most DVR's is ""
Note down the gateway IP as you will need to enter this in to the DVR, Choose a sensible IP address for your DVR as well.
  To view DVR over your local internet, use software supplied or Internet Explorer.
Type in IP Address of DVR then User Name & Password.
  Remote viewing over the Internet (outside your local network) your router needs to be configured.
  Port('s) need to be open on your router, in many cases it will be as simple as just Port 80, which is an HTTP port.
To setup your router for "Portward, go to:
Select Make & Model Number of Router
Then "Click here to skip this advertisement..."
Select "HTTP" Setup your router following the webpage
  To test if your port is forwarded properly, go to :
On the webpage "Your IP:" (This is your Internet IP Address)
What Port? enter "80"
Click on "Check"
IF "Success: I could see your service on on port (80)"
Then check any other ports that need to be opened....... Job Done.
If "Error: I could not see your service on on port (80)"
Check Router setting again.
  Static or Dynamic Internet IP Address
  If your internet service provided has supplied you with a "Static IP Address", then all you need to do, use software supplied or internet explorer. Type in IP Address of DVR then log-in with your user name & password.
  If your Internet service provided has supplied you with a "Dynamic IP Address", you will get to sign up with a company like "", Click on "DNS & Domains" and select "Dynamic DNS Free" , "Create Hostname".............


PDF " How to setup Remote Viewing" PDF How to setup Remote Viewing

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