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AverMedia NV3000Lite 12 FPS 4 Camera Card
AverMedia NV5000Lite 100 FPS 4 Camera Card
DVR Cards
●●Key Features


  • Supports Windows XP/ Vista
  • Brand new UI for wide screen support: 1440x900, 1680x1050, and 1440x900
  • Hybrid NVR-Support both IP and Analog cameras
  • Versatile Video Sources - IP Camera & Remote DVR Camera
  • Fresh & New User Interface
  • True D1 Resolution
  • Smart Alert Functions: SMS/MMS, Email, PTZ Tracking, Alarm SOP wizard, Launch E-map, FTP transmission, and many others
  • Remote Access Anytime Anywhere
  • Advanced Event Log Viewer
  • Supports for Additional POS Devices and customized POS protocol

Video Feature 

  • Stackble for 4~ 16 composite video inputs (BNC connectors)
  • 4 audio input channels (Optional)
  • Video Format: NTSC and PAL
  • Support 352x240/352x288, 640x480/640x480, 720x240/720x288, and 720x480/720x576 pixels (NTSC & PAL)   
  • 1 composite TV out terminal (RCA Jack)


  • Compact mode and Advanced mode
  • Auto Scan with full screen display under 1, 4, 8, 9, 13, 16-camera display modes
  • Digital zoom in for specific area in live view 
  • Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) cameras: PTZ script is available for adding new protocols
  • Auto Gain Control (AGC) balance image quality
  • Night view ability
  • Noise reduction filter
  • Advanced System Settings  
  • Desktop Lock: To keep focus always on DVR surveillance system and prevent any other operation not related to surveillance
  • Daily status report to specified e-mail accounts


  • Two types of de-interlace method: optimized for static scene or dynamic scene
  • Recording modes: Alarm trigger / Motion Detection / Smart / Audio Detection / Continuous / Schedule recording
  • Programmable masking zone blank under recording modes
  • Intelligent shield protects privacy
  • Auto recycling when storage disk is full
  • Live HDD size estimation tool
  • Support network storage devices

Search & Playback

  • Real time playback: immediate access playback
  • Powerful search: by date, time, camera, area, event, vision, and log file
  • Bookmark function for quick link
  • Complete playback control: playback, backward playback, fast forward / backward playback, forward / backward frame-by-frame playback
  • Digital zoom in for specific area in playback
  • Export single frame to BMP file and print out
  • Output "AVI" file for video clip
  • True video watermark technology to prevent tampered video

Remote Access

  • Simultaneous multiple remote LIVE surveillance via standard web browsers
  • Center Management System: connect up to 1000 DVRs
    • Remote monitoring / recording / playback / IO control
    • Remote PTZ control
    • Remote setup
    • Remote Emap
    • 2-way audio
  • PDAViewer for monitor / playback / IO control 
  • Smartviewer(for Symbian / Windows Smart phone)
  • DDNS function
  • UPNP


  • Schedule or manual backup
  • Qucik backup to backup recent recording
  • Remote backup program
  • Direct burn to CD/DVD-RW


  • Record, Network enable, backup, reboot, alarm, and relay control
  • Scheduled setting break down to 15 minutes
  • One time or weekly repeat schedule


  • Showing the positions and status of camera, sensor, and relay
  • Blinking icon in Emap for alarm notification
  • 8 different angles for camera icon
  • Extend to 8 maps

Instant Aler

  • 4 sensor inputs and 4 relay outputs controls per set (Optional) 
  • Multiple alarm trigger modes: video loss, motion detection, sensor input, missing & suspicious object, intruder, POS keyword, HDD fail, alarm message
  • Joint condition to prevent false alarm
  • Real time notification: Email / Phone Call / SMS / MMS / PTZ tracking / TV-out / Video Enlargement / Alarm SOP / EMAP Popup / Relay output / Snapshot / FTP transmission / 3rd party program
  • Reset alarm status both on local and remote side
  • Rest alarm by sensor

POS Integration

  • Compatible with most commonly used POS system
  • Confidential Word Filter
  • Change location of POS text on camera display image
  • Receive POS data from Internet

Web Tools

  • Dispatch server: share DVR server’s loading of network transmission
  • Remote backup: gradually backup recorded data from Internet
  • Remote Setup: configure detail settings of DVR remotely


  • Attention Please: Enable dialogs to trace if operator pays attentions to security monitor
  • Virtual Keyboard
  • Support UPS
  • Administrator/User level account with flexible and separate privilege setting
  • Activate/Expire user account at specified date
  • Watermark image verification technology
  • Live update for latest software version and IP camera module online
  • USB backup to upgrade system by USB drive


Up to Four Camera Solution, 12fps Recording
Includes: one PCI Card, CD with software programs, drivers and instruction manual (On CD). Requires Windows XP (Excluding Cameras)
Special Offer £

Up to Four Camera Solution, 100fps Recording
Includes: one PCI Card, CD with software programs, drivers and instruction manual (On CD). Requires Windows XP (Excluding Cameras)
Special Offer £89.00

●●Specification Highlight
Product Model
Operation System
Windows XP/Vista
Video Input
Video Format
H.264 / MPEG4 / MJPEG
Compression Mode
Software Comparison
Video Resolution
(full de-interlace filter)
NTSC: 352x240, 640x480,720x240
PAL: 352x288, 640x480, 720x288
TV Output
Display Rate (NTSC/PAL) fps
120 / 100
Recording Rate (NTSC/PAL) fps
120 / 100
Sensor Input / Relay (Optional)
4 / 3
IP Camera Access
Overheat Detection
N / A
Product Level
Medium Level
Cost-effectiveness with superior video quality. Video is stackable and expandable to provide high flexibility and meet your need
Specifications are subject to change without prior notice


DVR Cards


ige a
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