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GeoVision GV-NET Card

Geovision GV Net Card
GV-NET Card £19.00

The GV-NET Card V3.1 is a RS-485 / RS-232 interface converter that can be installed inside a PC. It also supports connection via USB port.



RJ-11 to DB9 (RS-232)

RJ-11 to USB

3-pin internal USB to internal USB

RS-485+ / RS-485-


RS-485 1,200~115,200 bps; USB

Environmental Conditions

0~50°C / 32~122°F, 5%~95% (non-condensing)

Dimensions (W x H)

97 x 90 ( mm) / 3.82 x 3.54 (in)

Installation Guide

GV-NET Card V3.1



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