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-Series Digital Video Surveillance System


GeoVision SYSTEM SYS-1480A
Ready Built Windows Based Video Surveillance System
Geovision DVR Cards
Geovision Systems

Now up to 32 Camera System..........

Geovision PC DVR System
We install and configure the Digital Surveillance PC for you
so all you need to do is connect your cctv cameras and your surveillance system is ready to use.

The SYS1480A System is an Professional Level surveillance system,
providing 800 frames per second real time display and
800 frames per second recording for up to 32 cameras,
with up to Sixteen Audio Inputs and TV Output


System Prices
400 FPS 16 Camera Surveillance System
SYS148016CAM3TB 400 FPS 16 Camera System with 4TB Hard Drive
Approx 40 Days Recording on Motion detection, 320 x 240 Image Size
SYS148032CAM3TB 800 FPS 32 Camera System with 3TB Hard Drive
Approx 16 Days Recording on Motion detection, 320 x 240 Image Size  
Hardware Upgrades
1TBEXTRAHDD Extra 1TB Hard Drive
Extra 2TB Hard Drive
UP22MON Upgrade to 22" Monitor

Geovision 32 Camera System
GeoVision 32 Camera Built System



Up to 32 Camera Remote Vision PC cards built into a Tower Case - 450W Seasonic Silent PSU. Supplied with 19" LCD Monitor, keyboard, mouse, DVD-RW, and Network ready. Windows XP Professional operating system with 2TB HDD

PC DVR software is completely flexible when it comes to viewing your cameras. Each camera can be viewed individually or as a 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, 12 ,16 & 32camera split screen view. All screen layouts can be viewed without the menu and background for true full screen monitor views. The software will also switch through all of the available camera inputs, one camera at a time or 4 cameras (quad) at a time.

Digital Hard Drive Recorder/Multiplexer with 1/4/8/16 Camera Triplex Recording

You can record up to 32 cameras at the same time without interuption while viewing live images of the cameras as a single, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, 12, 16 or 32 camera split screen view. While recording you can playback recordings made earlier without stopping the current recording. During Playback, recordings from the cameras can be viewed individually or as a split screen view.

All recordings are made on to your Hard Drive and tagged with the camera name (which you can enter) and the time & date. The recordings are digitally stored on to the hard drive, so you can zoom in during playback, search and go to a specific time in the recording in seconds, and if you have a colour printer attached you can even print off an image from the recordings. Recordings can also be backed up on to CD or DVD.

Digital storage also means that you can replay the recordings over and over again without any loss in picture quality and with a better picture quality than conventional VHS recordings.

Intelligent Motion Detection with Masking & Email/Phone Call Alert

To increase the recording time and reduce wasted recordings with no movement, the software can be set up to record only when movement occurs. The software analyses the camera picture and detects movement within it without the need for PIR movement sensors etc... Areas of the screen where movement is to be ignored (for example to comply with the Data Protection Act) can also be set. To reduce the chances of false alarms it is possible to specify the sensitivity of the motion detection function.

Once movement has been detected by the software, as well as recording locally it can dial out to up to 3 different phones (if you have a compatible modem attached) and alert you of the fact that the software has detected movement, or alternatively send an email with images of the detection, notifying you that movement has been detected.

If speakers are attached to the PC, it will also sound an alarm on them whenever movement is detected.

It is also possible to record events on an off site PC when movement occurs using the Central Monitoring Software and to trigger additional devices such as lights and alarms, call sales for further details of this optional feature.

Remote Access via Telephone, Internet, LAN and Pocket PC PDA/Mobile Phone

If you have received notification of movement being detected or you simply want to check on your premises while you are away, you can dial in to the software from a Windows PC or Laptop anywhere in the world and watch the cameras either individually or as a 1 to 16 camera split screen view.

It is possible to set up individual passwords for each person who will be accessing the system remotely, each person can be granted access to all the cameras or a selection that you choose.

The software is also compatible with ADSL (Broadband/Cable) lines, once connected to these the software will generate its own web page on the internet which will show live images and playback recordings of the cameras connected to it, this page can then be accessed from any internet enabled PC in the world.

When connected to a LAN the software can record on to a networked PC’s hard drive, and allow a networked PC to playback recordings or watch the cameras live.

When the software is connected to an ADSL (Internet) line or on a LAN, you can also access live images of the cameras from a Pocket PC PDA device connected to the LAN or the Internet via a mobile phone.



PC System

O.S.: Windows 7 Home 

CPU: Intel i3


Hard Drive: 2TB

Video Input(s)

16 Channels or 32 Channels

Audio Input(s)

16 channels

TV output

RCA connector x 1

Recording Rate

Real Time, 400fps (PAL), 480fps (NTSC). 16 cameras

Display Rate

Reat Time, 400fps (PAL), 480fps (NTSC). 16 cameras

Video Resolution

320x240 / 620x240 / 640x480 / 640x480 De-Interlace/ 720x576 / 720x576 De-Interlace, 720x28820x240, 640x240, 640x480, 640x480 S/W

Compression Format

MPEG-4, Geo MPEG4-ASP, Geo H264

GV-NET/IO Card Support




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