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Weatherproof access control keypad with proximity function


Weatherproof access control keypad with proximity functionNew
The EZ-TAG system represents the perfect simple
solution for a wide variety of access control applications
  • Easy install
  • Simple self contained programming
  • Combined keypad / reader / controller
  • Suitable for 1 to 10,000 key tag holders
  • 20 separate user groups
  • Emergency door open code function
  • Weather / dust proof robust construction
  • Twin relay outputs
  • Door bell fuction
  • IP65 rated
  • Surface or flush mounting
  • Suitable for use with virtually any lock release


Users approach the keypad and enter a four digit code or hold a personal proximity tag within a few inches to activate one of the EZ-TAGs on board relays. This relay in turn is used to carry power from a 12vdc power supply to an appropriate door release.

Higher levels of security can be obtained by requiring end users to enter both a code and present a tag for authorised entry.

EZ-TAG can also be used as a door bell for visitors.

Programming the system is kept as simple as possible, all functions including addition and removal of tags is carried out at the keypad itself, the unit is totally self contained, no PC or laptop required

EZ-TAG can be installed as a new stand alone access control system simply by adding a 12vdc power supply and suitable door release or it can be used to upgrade an existing system to allow entry of pre-authorised visitors such as staff without bothering reception. In this case the power supply and door release of the existing system is usually suitable for use with the EZ-TAG.

Complete with
1 x Weatherproof Keypad
1 x Surface mounting Box
10 x Proximity Key Tags
(Power Supply and Lock Release not included)

12V Proximity/Code Entry Keypad with 10 Tags £99.95

(Requires 12V DC 2A Power Supply)

EZ-SG10 Proximity Tags Pack of 10 £20.00

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