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GeoVision Digital Video Surveillance System

New Feature Highlights
- Unattended and missing object detection
- Windows Lockup
- Alarm on objects passing between predefined regions
- Object tracking and zooming
- E-Map
- Object Index
- Image size indicator
- Option for recycling the input-triggered events (Never recycle function)
- Synchronized video and audio
- Backlight compensation
- Export a video footage within a specified time range
- Object Search
- POS Loss Prevention & Field Filter
- POS Data Sender
- Vital Sign Monitor (VSM)
- SMS alerts available
- IR Remote Control
Major Features

- 640 X 480 recording and display resolution
- Mpeg 4 / Wavelet compression technology
- Alarm to E-mail (Jpeg or text message)
- Embedded I/O devices control
- Embedded PTZ control panel
- PTZ dome to a preset position on alarm activation
- Samsung SCC-641 / 643 PTZ dome support
- Build-in web server
- Digital watermark authentication
- Multi level passwords protection
- Screen pop-up on motion or alarm activation
- Support dynamic IP address
- Video lost detection
- On screen video lost message
- Video de-interlace filter
- Video auto gain controller
- Video scaling filter
- Use Microsoft Remote Desktop to control another GV-System
- AVI repair utility
- Object counting
- Object search
- Thumbnail search
- Index search
- System log
- Twin DVR
- Dynamic DNS support
- Managing multiple servers in a WebCam
- Point of Sale (POS) Integration
- Geo MPEG4
- Remote access log database over WebCam

Recording Mode
- Motion detection recording
- Round-the-clock recording
- Schedule recording
- Day-Night recording mode
- Pre alarm and post alarm recording
- Pre motion and post motion recording
Camera Configuration
- Independent video brightness and contrast control
- Selectable motion detection sensitivity and masking area for each camera
- Independent recording quality and frame rate adjustment
Remote Monitoring Software

- Remote View
- IP Multicast
- WebCam
- Remote Playback system
- G-View for Win CE PDA
- i-Mode

Which Series to Buy?
GV250 Series : Low Cost with all Software, but not suitable for more than four Cameras
GV600 Series : General Purpose, Ideal for Home, Shop, Office, etc.
GV650 Series : General Purpose,Ideal Shops, Office, etc.
GV800 Series : Professional, "Real Time with Four Cameras Recording" Ideal for Busy places.
GV900 Series : "Real Time with Eight Cameras Recording" Ideal for very Busy Places.
GV1000 Series : "Real Time with Sixteen Cameras Recording"
Ideal for very, very Busy Places.


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